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Joe Zou @zzbar Manhattan

Beida Ren (北大人), Investment Management, Hedge Fund, Startups, Physics, All Things Made by Apple, and Beaches.

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@BenBajarin but apple taking shares from Samsung hurts more.@krestivo @inafried schadenfreude!@stevecheney @gassee who? @fredwilson?@RolfeWinkler not from me.@danielhsqr @TradeBIGGGER but not intra quarter. They could be day trading Euros.@danielhsqr @TradeBIGGGER maybe they shorted Euro?@neilcybart Luca did say on the call iPhone ramp was faster than they had expected.@barronstechblog actually, Samsung is losing market shares to Apple and Apple doesn't use Snapdragon.@jonfortt hey, AAPL's oversea's cash are parked in US dollar denominated assets, no FX risk there.@WaltBTIG and they tell us there is no inflation.
@monkbent 3 days oldApple's currency hedging and cash management operations make it the world's largest FX & bond hedge fund that also makes smart phones. $aapl@EmanuelDerman what happened to the blue screen of death?@monkbent they could have shipped the watch in March. But they don't need it to make Q2 number. Why not ship it in Q3?@WaltBTIG liability insurance included?@TProphet android phones are the new feature phones.@stevenblakeslee only one in my cooler left.“@pschiller: 1 Billion iOS devices shipped!!” - definition of niche products bought buy some cult members.@neilcybart last 3 iterations.@hsilverb @TheDomino and yet, AAPL is trading below SPX multiple, such injustice!@neilcybart need to wash out weekly straddle buyers before the stock can move higher next week.@neilcybart $150 bn can retire a lot of shares.@neilcybart Tim Cook can keep buying.@mattkrantz @USATODAYmoney why be such a hater?@ow @_mlevi check your zeros again.I'm opening a bottle of pink bubbly tonight. $aapl...and updated. $AAPL http://t.co/1c0UvmrGOD
Retweeted by Joe Zou"Apple is rapidly becoming a minor player in the computer business and may be swallowed up by Sun or another rival.” http://t.co/UtTf62oTRH
Retweeted by Joe Zou@danielhsqr question is: does that guidance include Apple Watch?@BenBajarin on sell through base, I bet apple > Samsung.that, my friends, is an old school Apple blowout.
Retweeted by Joe Zou@dtellom iPad number too high i think@neilcybart i think its bigger: more like 8% for Q2. Q1 is hedged when they gave guidance. http://t.co/XUrwbeyCVk@neilcybart yes, but Apple's fast growing market, China, has its currency more or less pegged to dollar, down only 3% from a year ago.Rick Sherlund is to $MSFT what Gene Munster is to $AAPL. When a perma bull like Sherlund downgrade $MSFT, Honeymoon is over at Redmond.Morning greetings! http://t.co/3M96lz3Yi9Not much of a blizzard, barely 6 inches. http://t.co/0CB8hUffNe
@neilcybart iTunes podcast app only. don't understand why anyone need other podcast apps.Where are the other 20 inches of snow They promised? Only got 2 inches and it's not snowing now. I'm calling Blizzard 2015 a flop.@BenBajarin no, the usual CC fees, but Banks take that no matter what.@BenBajarin apple pay costs nothing. Think volume.@BenBajarin you need to adopt Apple Pay to make it easy for readers to pay 50c per article. No one will fill out a form just to pay 50c.@dtellom you won't know for sure now iPod is mixed with accessories and others in new report segments.@neiltyson did you convert temperatures into kelvin before using ideal gas law? also presure units?"Storm of the Century" - the decade is the new century.
@StortSkeptic @SirSteven @shenmaxiu experience the church of Steve Jobs.@neilcybart what happen to Mansfield? He was working on some special projects.Facebook http://t.co/DAP7hFnjWv
Retweeted by Joe Zou@danielhsqr strong Francs means cheaper ads.@RichBTIG @WaltBTIG @brando25 @JoeGalone registration required?@neilcybart sunny in Cupertino though.
@neilcybart the original stylus!@neilcybart just bought my own modem for $60 to avoid paying twc $6 a month rent!@EmanuelDerman I think NYU will tear it down soon to make room for their big new hotel.My puppy's annual membership renewal at Mercer-Houston Dog Run is harder than getting into Princeton.@neilcybart but it does display time whenever you look at it, it doesn't when you are not looking at it.@T_Zwiefelhofer @Nouriel doomed.@clusterstock @BI_Video yes we should. And banned them from Nyc coop and condo too.@philiped @FortuneMagazine but Goldman Sachs CEO was paid $24 million last year. I can live w/o GS, can't live w/o iPhone.
Dog Runs reject dogs without vaccination certificate, why can't NYC Coop boards ban kids whose parents don't believe in measles vaccine?@Kelly_Evans you are not going to challenge Mike Huckbee's lies on air?Wondering if any derivatives pricing/risk models need to be re-examined now that both short and long interest rates can go negative?@carlquintanilla they must have hedged oil at $100 or something.
@monkbent running flash?@panzer @markgurman I know. The question is why? He's a SVP, what SEC rule exempt him?@markgurman @panzer why isn't Jony Ive on this list?Brady/Bush 2016. "We're On The Ball"
Retweeted by Joe Zou@dtellom thanks@dtellom did you factor in the surging US dollar in your revenue growth model? If so, what was the Fx impact on revenue in your estimate?Bigger than Hollywood http://t.co/o3EohkmWeY
Retweeted by Joe Zou“@XHNews: 70% of respondents satisfied with progress of China's anti-graft campaign” And the remaining 30% are targets of the campaign?
@EmanuelDerman but will they be allowed to do so?@donlemon that was a cowardly interview.@eric_research @asymco can't imagine Google blocking iPhones on its rented network. The press and FCC would have a field day.@monkbent "we upgrade Google to outperform based on MVNO innovation" - some sell side analyst.@om hardware is how you monetize softwares.@asymco by net neutrality rules, google wireless must allow iPhones, right?@neilcybart I'm expecting Wall Street upgrade $googl tomorrow for yet another "innovation".@fmanjoo plus the rain@WaltBTIG @bmenezes is google a bidder in the latest spectra auction?@WaltBTIG “Stan had no interest in a reseller deal with Apple—zero. There was no money in that for Cingular. Or for Apple,” Edward Whitacre@storetellee @ifostore @Jisen_Chang actually, it's not jiang bei, it's in Jaifang Bei.@amir will Verizon and AT&T stop selling android handsets?@neilcybart michael dell.@BenBajarin netbookA doorman found my next door neighbor dead inside his apt. He suffered a massive heart attack while his wife is on vacation in India. #sad@neilcybart new connected diaper is in the pipeline. it will immediately alert parents after the baby poops. i see a growth market.
@JEPomfret @StephenMcDonell former presidents?@JohnJHarwood no castration Demo? Disappointed.Is the English-only Republican senator from Iowa going to give a live demo of hog castration? #SOTUOnly thing I heard tonight that both parties rose to applaud was when he said he's willing to start another war. #MURICA #SOTU2015@ReformedBroker is he a member of British Parliament?@ReformedBroker and FBOil pipelines are fine as long as they don't compete with Kinder Morgan's pipes. #SOTU2015I'm all for higher education, but I have zero incentive to pay for my neighbors' kid's community college bills. #SOTU2015Is John Boehner crying again? #StateOfTheUnion@ianbremmer this says more about the stupidity of American voters than about Obama. no good deeds go unpunished.@theloop is that a yep?@markgurman Tim Cook was not invited again this year to sit with FLOTUS?@neilcybart I would follow my utility company.
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